Frequently Asked Question

In this section, you can find answers to the most common questions of investors.

General Questions

  • We are an officially registered company, which is engaged in industrial production of the most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin and Likecoin. Thanks to the skilled team of experts and powerful equipment, we can implement cloud mining with minimal power consumption.

  • We have all the permits to conduct our activities, as well as LikecoinTIME is officially registered company, which operates within the law. All of the company's actions are governed by our statute and financial arrangements made with regard to taxation.

  • Yes. But the withdrawal is only available for investors who have opened a Deposit.

  • In order to start investing you need to go fast and completely free registration in our system. Any person, who has reached the age of majority, can become an investor of our company. By registering, you automatically agree with the rules of co-operation with the project LikecoinTIME.

Technical Questions

Financial Questions

  • In order to create a deposit in the system you need to go through a quick registration, after which the functional of a personal account will be available to you. In your account, you can make a balance recharge by a payment in the payment system. After you create a deposit, it will immediately become active.

  • There are no fees for withdrawals. You can always go to the withdrawal section of your account to withdraw your funds. however if you are trying to withdraw your intial deposit in that case 10% fees will be applied

  • In order to get money for your wallet in a payment system, you must create an application for withdrawal in your personal account. After that, the requested funds will be transferred to those payment details from which were made the replenishment of accounts and creation of the deposit.

  • Once your balance is equal to or more than 100 rub, you can make a request for withdrawal of profits in the Withdraw funds section. Before you make a claim, make sure that your Likecoin/Payeer address in the account settings is correct. Your request for profit withdrawal will be processed instantly.

  • Withdraw your initial deposit at any point in time, after the first 24 hours have passed from the moment your investment became active. As little as a 20% fee will be applied.

  • The minimum amount you can request for a withdrawal is 100 rub. You can withdraw as large amount as you wish; there is no restriction for maximum limit.

  • All withdrawals are instant. However, if for any reason it wasn't processed instantly, then it will be processed before the elapse of 24 hours. You don't have to contact us about your pending withdrawal, as you'll always get paid.

Investment questions

  • Each investor may create an unlimited number of deposits, all of which may be active simultaneously. Administration of the project will not hinder such investment activity, but all of your deposits should be created with one personal account.

  • We're accepting deposits starting from 100 RUB and there is no maximum limit per deposit.

  • LikecoinTIME project does not charge any fees from investors, but the payment system can charge a commission for financial transactions. The project has no limits except those, which prescribe the minimum and the maximum amount of the deposit - you cannot invest more or less.

  • Once you have sent the payment, youll need to wait for a little while. All Bitcoin payments require from 3 to 6 network confirmations for the full processing. Usually it takes up to 1 hour, after which the deposit will be credited and visible in the Deposits list section. your deposit will automatically be active after required confirmations

  • Yes, profits are also accrued every hour on Saturdays and Sundays.

Partnership Questions

  • No, no active deposit is required to earn commission as an affiliate.

  • The project operates a three-level affiliate program, under which you can receive affiliate commission up to 20% Every investor, who registered in the project, receives a unique referral link, according to which it is possible to invite new members. Turning on a link, the new project user automatically becomes your downline partner, which will allow you to receive 20% of the amount of his deposit. In this case, you will receive a reward from the deposits of partners of and 2nd level of 20% and 10%.

  • The representative may be any registered member of the project, which showed interest in further development of the site by the sum of the deposit, or a partner, a referral structure of which invests actively in LikecoinTIME. Investors who do not have a personal account in the system, or have not yet had time to make a deposit cannot become a representative. In addition, a partner who wishes to obtain official status must be knowledgeable in working with the project, its rules, investment conditions, required to understand development trends and be able to convey this information to the downline partners.

  • If you match the requirements for candidacy of LikecoinTIME representative, then all that is necessary - it is to apply. To do this, write to the project representative support at , On email specify all the required data. llike your full name, username, contact information, country, language you speak, social accounts etc as much information as you can provide, Your application will get to us for review, and if you do qualify the requirements, you will be given an official status. Please note that all applications are processed manually and it may take some time - usually you do not have to wait for a response for more than 3 days, and you will be able to appreciate the advantages of representative status from personal experience.

Why LikecoinTIME?


We are a modern company with an innovative sphere of earnings, which can multiply your capital. Practice shows that industrial mining production surpasses the individual LKE mining. Production on the rise of cryptocurrency rate brings a great income.


Our farms equipped with the latest technical developments and powerful ASIC miners. This allows you to increase the productivity of mining by times, compared to older generation equipment, which is useless in the current conditions of LKE code generation.


We were able to increase revenue with Btc/Lke mining by several times, thanks to the development of reduced power consumption of the system. Modern cooling systems prevent working devices from overheating, allowing you to work more efficiently and flawlessly.


We offer investors a unique system of passive income, which does not require extra costs or specific knowledge. You will receive your income, every hour, seven days a week, thus the net income from deposits will be many times higher than the banking profit.


We have created a secure multifunctional Internet service through which you can make deposits and withdraw profits to the account of the payment system PayEER or LikeCoin, in the comfort of your home. We provide for you with comfortable and fully passive income with Cripto Production.


LikecoinTIME, as the official company fully guarantees the security of financial transactions and calculations. You can be sure that your data is safe, and only you have access to your personal account and deposits in the system.

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  • Likecoin is based on Blockchain technology using the mechanism called Proof of Popularity: the higher the popularity of the video and the more likes it gets, the bigger is the amount of cryptocurrency rewarded to the author.

  • Likecoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system, We accept and deal only with Likecoin and Payeer payment system. profit will be calculated in Likecoin only