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Invest in Litecoin today and secure yourself stable tomorrow!

LikecoinTIME - is a modern company specializing in cloud mining and cryptocurrency trade. ryptocurrency industry is the economic trend of a new investors generation, due to the growing popularity and safety of cryptocurrency. More and more banks and international corporations use cryptocurrency technology in their business. This fact testifies the prospects of development and implementation of blockchain-technologies in the daily lives of billions of people.

More and more business people are beginning to deal with cryptocurrency mining as a profitable direction, which yields at least 1000% of profit each year, and some cryptocurrency shows a growth of more than 5000%!

These yields simply cannot but attract investors! A local producing "farms" are created all over the world, including from 10 to 10,000 stations. These "farms", in turn, are combined into larger structures that at the highest point of its development are evolving in cloud mining, at times increasing the efficiency of cryptocurrency production.

LikecoinTIMEcompany during the years of exclusive work with large investors has passed all stages of development and, thanks to huge initial investment, managed to establish themselves in the list of the leaders of cloud-mining industry. LikecoinTIME does not used to fritter away time. That is why the company does not stop on time-tested technologies in the field of cryptocurrency production and trade, but also invests a significant portion of their profits in the development, creation and implementation of innovative mining and trading algorithms, that are the basis of the work of high-performance software systems and smart-bots. We are opening the possibility of new investors to become part of our great company, and already start to benefit from our joint success. LikecoinTIME - on the pulse of life!

Our Mission

LikecoinTIME mission is to contribute significantly to the formation, development and dominance of cryptocurrency. LikecoinTIME was at the very beginning of the way, but over the years has been able to increase its mining power 3000 times. We are not resting on our laurels and are willing to share profits with our investors. Our goal - to unite investors as much as possible to increase our capacity, analysis, development and implementation of new technologies to increase our contribution to cryptocurrency market. With the new financial and intellectual injections into LikecoinTIME - we will become the largest company in the industry and will influence the situation on the market.

Our Vision

The current stage of our company development - an investment in the operation and development of cloud cryptocurrency mining. This strategy allows us to be among the industry leaders, to receive 1000% of profit each year, to timely respond to market changes and promptly implement the latest developments of leading specialists. We have large mining facilities in different parts of the world, however, we continue to invest funds in the development of new solutions and software for profit multiplying. The most important thing for LikecoinTIME investors high income, because only our joint efforts will lead us to success.

Why LikecoinTIME?


We are a modern company with an innovative sphere of earnings, which can multiply your capital. Practice shows that industrial mining production surpasses the individual LKE mining. Production on the rise of cryptocurrency rate brings a great income.


Our farms equipped with the latest technical developments and powerful ASIC miners. This allows you to increase the productivity of mining by times, compared to older generation equipment, which is useless in the current conditions of LKE code generation.


We were able to increase revenue with Btc/Lke mining by several times, thanks to the development of reduced power consumption of the system. Modern cooling systems prevent working devices from overheating, allowing you to work more efficiently and flawlessly.


We offer investors a unique system of passive income, which does not require extra costs or specific knowledge. You will receive your income, every hour, seven days a week, thus the net income from deposits will be many times higher than the banking profit.


We have created a secure multifunctional Internet service through which you can make deposits and withdraw profits to the account of the payment system PayEER or LikeCoin, in the comfort of your home. We provide for you with comfortable and fully passive income with Cripto Production.


LikecoinTIME, as the official company fully guarantees the security of financial transactions and calculations. You can be sure that your data is safe, and only you have access to your personal account and deposits in the system.

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  • Likecoin is based on Blockchain technology using the mechanism called Proof of Popularity: the higher the popularity of the video and the more likes it gets, the bigger is the amount of cryptocurrency rewarded to the author.

  • Likecoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system, We accept and deal only with Likecoin and Payeer payment system. profit will be calculated in Likecoin only